Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's your story?

This was for a corporate advertisement for a production house which I used to work for:

Option A

Option B

Created a few options, but these two are my personal favorites.

Happy birthday friend!

This was done in the spirit of making birthday posters, now for a friend.

Yes, this was hand-drawn using vectors, which has a slightly different effect to the posters I did for Mom. Hers was posterized, then edited to highlight her more prominent facial features - both based on recent photographs I had of them, painstaking but worth it!

Happy birthday Mom!

This was presented to her, framed in A3 (now up on the wall of our house) on her 49th birthday... which I deliberately left out on the poster, (if not it probably wouldn't have gone up on the wall)!

Also made a smaller one which she could put on her bedside table (now it's probably OK to remind her of her age):